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More than 3.5 million professional drivers travel America’s interstates and highways, representing a powerful market for your goods and services. But that’s not all – an endless stream of passenger vehicles and buses also use NATSO members’ facilities every day. To get your products in the hands of those drives, you have to get them on the shelves of truck stops and travel centers. 

Who attends NATSO Connect?

From the heads of major national chains to the owners of independent locations across the country to representatives of major distribution companies, NATSO Connect attracts the full scope of the industry. 

Exhibit Rates:  SOLD OUT

All rates are per 100 square feet:
Members: $5,250 (includes two registrations)
Non-Members: $6,500 (includes two registrations)


Members: $4,100 (includes one registration)
Non-Members: $4,500 (includes one registration)

Vendor Registration:

$750 for each additional booth or sponsor registration badge
$1,800 for non-exhibiting, non-sponsoring attendee

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Want to Join as an Exhibitor or Sponsor?

Contact Pamela Hayes at (615) 473-1429 or phayes@natso.com and she will design a package that advances your unique goals and aims.

Pamela Hayes
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Exhibitors at NATSO Connect receive:

  1. Access to hundreds of truck stop and travel center leaders
  2. Two full registrations for every 100 square feet reserved
  3. Access to networking events with truck stop and travel center operators 
  4. Inclusion in the floor plans, available to attendees before, during, and after the show
  5. Attendance in NATSO educational sessions to learn and connect alongside industry leaders
  6. An introduction to the target audience that you want to reach

Sponsorship Opportunities

Title Sponsor – $40,000 SOLD

As the title sponsor, your company will receive top billing for the event. Want your materials front and center at the registration desk? Want a big presence during a designated keynote? Really want your product branding on all available channels like NATSO Connect marketing materials, web, social media, and email? As the most visible sponsor, NATSO will work with you to create a sponsorship that meets your exact needs.

Platinum Sponsor – $20,000

Welcome Kickoff Keynote
1 Available
As the sponsor of the Kickoff Keynote, your company can work with NATSO on the Welcome Kickoff Keynote presentation. Would you like to introduce yourself, your company, and the NATSO keynote? Get front and center during this wow kickoff. In addition to participating on stage, your company will host a table of truck stop leaders.

Stage Branding
1 Available
Add your brand in a big way to the show floor
by branding the keynote stage. Think branded baseball stadium! This is your chance to get your company and company’s message in front of truck stop leaders for the entire event.

Gold Sponsor – $10,000

Coffee Shop & Gift Shop SOLD
Be there when attendees need a break. In addition to prominent branding, your company will provide light refreshments and welcoming atmosphere as folks walk the show floor. The booth lounge will remain open throughout the show, providing a place for people to refresh during expo hours.

NATSO Foundation Fundraiser Dinner at Epcot
5 Available
Experience an enchanting evening at Epcot like no other with a private dinner that promises to indulge your senses and create unforgettable memories. Nestled within the heart of this iconic Disney park, your exclusive dinner event at Epcot takes you on a culinary journey around the world.

Travel Center New Builds and Remodels Pre-Event Workshop
1 Available
This year, with so many new and rebuilds happening in the industry, we’ve assembled a half-day workshop to encapsulate tips and best practices prior to a large capital investment. This workshop precedes the rest of the show and is highly targeted to travel center members who are growing and updating their stores and equipment.

Disney Park Event
1 Available
An attendee and family favorite, our Disney
park event includes private access to rides after the park closes. As one of our most-requested events, the park event always sells out and many attendees bring their families to experience the magic.

Welcome Reception
1 Available SOLD
Our welcome reception is our premier opening night event. This cocktail hour is open to all attendees and is an excellent opportunity to show your support for everyone involved.

1 Available SOLD
Meet and greet during the registration area as attendees arrive at NATSO Connect 2024. You and a colleague will have the opportunity to welcome attendees and exchange business cards or simply a handshake. Light refreshments will be served.

Learning Labs
2 Available
This year the Learning Labs breakout sessions are dedicated to providing solutions to adapting to the trends highlighted in the keynotes. Add your brand to these sessions dedicated to providing strategies to adapt, linking your name to your customers’ successes.

Great Ideas! Workshop
1 Available for $10,000
Designed exclusively to give independents a chance to share ideas and discuss common challenges, Great Ideas is a perennial favorite. Sponsors are the only people allowed to join truck stops and speakers in this session. Give this important community your support.

Keynote Speaker(s)
1 Available
We’re planning three keynote speakers focused on providing the analysis that travel centers need to understand trends that are disrupting the industry. Sponsor a keynote speaker, and you’ll get much more than logo placement. Your executive will be invited to join NATSO leaders at the head table.

Travel Center Speed Networking
1 Available
This highly-anticipated event precedes
the opening keynote and allows for short introductions to many different travel center members. It’s perfect not only for first-time attendees but for anyone looking to grow their network and break the ice with operators from around the country.

NATSO Foundation Magic Miles Fun Walk/Run Fundraiser
5 Available
This year the NATSO Foundation event features a fun walk and run that the whole family can enjoy. Sponsor the T-shirt and water break stations in a fun jaunt on the boardwalk around Crescent Lake.

Retail Study Tour
2 Available
Join us on a retail tour of multiple travel centers and retail locations to identify some of the hottest retail trends. Sponsorship includes signage on transportation to and from the location; giveaways are welcomed.

Refreshments During a Speaking Event
3 Available
Take care of your customers by sponsoring the food and beverage at a breakfast or lunch event. Your company will host a table close to the stage. Want to be even more prominent? You can add on sponsorship of the speaker.

Charging Station Sponsorship
1 Available
In between phone calls, photos, and videos at the show, NATSO members are always looking for a place to charge their phones. Show your support by adding your logo at the charging stations.

NATSO Connect App Splash Page
1 Available SOLD
Put your company first by branding the splash page in NATSO Connect’s app. The splash page will open first before attendees can view the schedule or the show floor. Your splash page message could highlight a show special or a new product. Link your company to the easy, modern app.

Sustainability Room
1 Available
Elevate your executive-level meetings to new heights with our sponsored Sustainability room, designed to provide a premium and productive environment for your most important discussions. Your brand will be prominently featured throughout the room, showcasing your organization’s commitment to excellence and professionalism.

Technology at the Fuel Island Tech Forum
1 Available
The Travel Center Technology Forum is designed to facilitate interactive discussions among truck stops and travel center operators regarding their top technology priorities for improving customer experience and brand loyalty while driving efficiencies throughout their organizations. In 2024, the Tech Forum will explore technologies outside at the fuel island.

Silver Sponsor – $5,000

Wellness Break
1 Available
The Wellness Break sponsorship comes with exclusive sponsorship of one of our refreshment breaks. This includes signage at the break station(s). Attach your brand to a healthy break.

1 Available
Sponsor the Wi-Fi during the event and have your brand and website show up for every attendee who accesses the internet. Everyone needs Wi-Fi, and they will know your company provided it.

Badge Kisok SOLD
1 Available
Add your logo and branding to the badge kiosk equipment. You are also welcome to bring lanyards and welcome bags. (NATSO will also be providing lanyards and bags, as well).

Bronze Sponsor – $1,000

Tank Talks
10 Available
Similar in concept to a popular network TV show, sponsors have the opportunity to pitch their product or idea in front of an audience and live on stage. Will your idea sink or rise to the top of the list? The audience will vote on these 5-minute presentations on products or services that are sure to improve travel center wallet share. How will your product or service improve the travel center wallet share? Tank talks sponsorships are add-ons only available to exhibitors and sponsors of $5,000 or more.

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