Create an Experience at NATSO CONNECTions



While NATSO CONNECTions will look much different than what we do in person, it will keep what makes NATSO Connect great — time for truckstop and travel center owners and operators and their vendors (that’s you!) to learn from each other. Join us virtually as a sponsor for a summer of connections.

Download the NATSO CONNECTions brochure to view all the vendor opportunities with NATSO CONNECTions.

Participate in NATSO CONNECTions One-on-One Appointments

NATSO is once again providing new ways to connect vendors and truckstop and travel center operators. In August and September, vendors can meet virtually one-on-one with truckstop and travel centers industry leaders to introduce their company to potential customers and build relationships with existing customers. NATSO will work with each participating vendor to make sure they meet with right potential customers to grow their business. Each One-on-One Appointment participant company will have three appointments. Learn more about NATSO CONNECTions One-on-One Appointments.

One-on-One Appointment participants that register by June 30, 2021 will also receive complimentary registration to July’s NATSO Live sessions.

Sponsor Opportunities

Would you like your company logo and branding message to be included on all materials and have the opportunity to moderate a breakout session? NATSO will add the Title Sponsor logo as the premier placement sponsor and add your company name onto one of the virtual breakout rooms where you can choose to be the moderator. NATSO will provide a Biz Brief banner week during one of the weeks leading up to each event (June, July, August) – 3 banner ads as part of this sponsorship. Would you like to add Poll Questions to the event? What is important to you? Let’s discuss what Title Sponsorship recognition you would like. The sponsorship includes one registration for the June Great Ideas event and two registrations for the July & August/September events. 

Includes participation in the One-in-One Appointments.

Maximum of TWO Title Sponsorships available.


KEYNOTE SPEAKER SPONSOR - $5,000 per speaker
NATSO will create several opportunities on the landing page, on marketing materials, and on the NATSO website featuring your brand and weblink. A representative from your organization will be given five minutes during the opening of the sponsored session to introduce yourself and your company’s products and services. You will also be given the option to introduce the keynote speaker.

Includes participation in the One-in-One Appointments.

Maximum of FIVE keynote speaker sponsorships available.


The Great Ideas session is designed with independent operators in mind. You will have exclusive access to this elite group of owners and executives and learn more about the issues, challenges, success stories, and opportunities they share during the 60-minute session. As one of two sponsors, you will be given the opportunity to present your company’s products and services before the breakout session begins. You will also be added to a breakout and participate in the learning. The event will be held June 17 at 1:00 p.m. eastern. The sponsorship includes registration for two people per sponsoring company.

Includes participation in the One-in-One Appointments.

Maximum of TWO Great Ideas Sponsorships available. (Limited to two people per sponsor)


VIRTUAL FOCUS GROUP - $5,000 (5-8 participants) 30 minutes in length
Many companies are seeking value beyond generating leads or sales when it comes to learning more about the value of their product or service. One of the most coveted opportunities is to host a virtual focus group with potential customers.  You will have an opportunity to get real-time feedback on your products. You will also have a chance to engage with a potential customer that you would not normally have.  And, equally important, the customer learns about a new product or service they were not aware of previously.  Everybody wins.  

Includes participation in the One-in-One Appointments.

Maximum of two Virtual Focus Groups available.


ENTERTAINMENT BREAK - $5,000 15 minutes in length
How would you like to entertain the attendees of an educational session? You can choose to send product samples ahead of the event or provide a comedian, musical entertainment, or other ideas to be considered. As the host of an entertainment break, your branding will be displayed and you can choose to deliver a message about the product mailed or introduce the entertainment. (The sponsorship does not include the expense of the entertainment. The sponsor is responsible for the entertainment chosen.) The sponsorship includes one registration for the July and August events.

Includes participation in the One-in-One Appointments.

Maximum of THREE Entertainment Breaks available


PRINTED PROGRAMS - $5,000 + the cost of design, print, mail
Many do not expect to see a printed program for events.  Let’s bring that opportunity to deliver your brand message by sponsoring a printed piece back to the table!  We will collaborate on the look and design (paid for by the sponsor) and surprise the participants by delivering the program to their home or office ahead of the virtual event.   You have the opportunity to create an unexpected message that is kept by the recipient for months to come.  The sponsorship includes one registration for the July and August events.

Includes participation in the One-in-One Appointments.

Maximum of ONE sponsorship available


BRANDED WAITING ROOMS - $5,000 per breakout room
NATSO will create several opportunities on the landing page or each breakout room to recognize sponsors.  Your branded logo and message can be the first thing the attendees will see as we begin the virtual production.   Would you like to be recognized as we break into small groups – you have the chance to introduce yourself, your product, and if you choose, send a product sample following the event. 

The sponsorship includes one registration for the July and August events.

Includes participation in the One-in-One Appointments.

Maximum of THREE Sponsorships available


SWAG BAGS - $3,000 per item included in the bag
NATSO plans to mail a swag bag to all participants post-event.   Your product may be included as one of the surprise gifts to continue the connection after the virtual event is over.   All items will need to be delivered to a provided address by a certain date and ready for shipping (if fragile, you must provide wrap to secure the item’s fragility).  No more than six items will be included in each box. The sponsorship includes the box and postage. This sponsorship level may not appear on all virtual marketing

Maximum of SIX sponsorships available


Join a group of no more than 25 people in each room for 45 minutes in a rare opportunity to ask questions and get to know the priorities, challenges, successes, and strategic plans for the travel plaza industry leaders. Come prepared with your most pressing questions and be ready to listen and learn. You will choose your top 3 priorities and be assigned one of your three choices.


In this time of widespread challenges, as a virtual event participant, you may choose to donate to the NATSO Foundation.  The NATSO Foundation supports industry scholarships, human trafficking awareness, AMBER Alerts, industry education, industry publications, data research, and so much more.  Your contribution and gift to the NATSO Foundation are very much appreciated.  As part of the NATSO CONNECTions sponsorships, your company logo will be added to the NATSO website, registration page, and on all marketing materials sent to participants.   You can also choose to provide a website link. NATSO recommends sending a sample before the live event to allow the travel plaza attendee to experience your product and have a better connection once the event takes place.

If you have questions, please contact Pamela Hayes, or (615) 473-1429.