Create an Experience at NATSO Connect



NATSO Connect is the time for hundreds of innovative, senior-level truckstop operators and industry partners to come together to connect. From February 10 to 13, 2019, in Orlando, Florida, this collaborative group, including YOU as a sponsor, will share insights and best practices in order to convert ideas into action and re-invent how truckstops and travel plazas do business.

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Exhibit at NATSO Connect

Exhibit space is now open for NATSO Connect. To reserve space contact Pamela Hayes at (615) 473-1429 or or Megan Gage at (703) 739-8504 or

View the floor plan and available space here.

Booth pricing:

  • $3,200 for a 10x10 for NATSO members*
  • $4,000 for a 10x10 for non-NATSO members
  • Tabletops are available for $3,000 for both members and non-members

*NATSO allied membership is $1,500 for access to news and updates throughout the year. Join and learn more here

Industry partners that have exhibited at NATSO Connect before can reserve a booth here.

Sponsor Opportunities

How is NATSO Connect and Sponsorships at NATSO Connect Different?
NATSO Connect will offer experiences. Events are fleeting moments in time. Experiences, on the other hand, create connections that last long after the event is over. Experiences leave your customers and potential customers feeling inspired and mobilized to pursue real change.

And most importantly, at NATSO Connect, sponsors are invited to help create these dynamic experiences for truckstop leaders.

Still Confused on What Is the Difference Between a Traditional Conference or Trade Show and the Experience at NATSO Connect? Think of it this way:
Traditional trade shows are firecrackers – Experiences are dynamite.
Conventions are coffee beans – Experiences are a triple espresso.
Meetings are planned – Experiences are designed.
Conferences have educational sessions – Experiences have integrated curriculum and experts.

What experience do you want to create? Let’s work together to design an experience that advances your unique goals and aims. Contact Pamela Hayes to secure your sponsorship today at (703) 739-8565 or

Title Sponsorship Opportunity, $40,000

Title Sponsorship
As the title sponsor, your company will receive top billing for the event. Want your materials front and center at the registration desk? Want a big presence during the Welcome Kickoff Keynote? Really want your product visible in the NATSO booth? As the most-visible sponsor, NATSO will work with you to create a sponsorship that meets your exact needs. (Sponsorship supports NATSO.)

Platinum Sponsorship Opportunities, $20,000

Welcome Kickoff Keynote
$20,000, one available
As the sponsor of the Kickoff Keynote, your company can work with NATSO on the Welcome Kickoff Keynote presentation. Would your CEO like to emcee the event or provide the wrap-up on what the trends provided means? Get front and center during this WOW kickoff. In addition to participating on stage, your company will host a table of truckstop leaders. (Sponsorship supports NATSO.)

Permanent Stage Branding
$20,000, one available
Add your brand in a big way to the show floor by branding the permanent stage on the show floor. Think branded baseball stadium! This is your chance to get your company and company’s message in front of truckstop leaders for three days straight. (Sponsorship supports NATSO.)

Gold Sponsorship Opportunities, $10,000

Refreshments During a Speaking Event
$10,000, five available (ONE SOLD)
“Will there be food?” We’ve all heard it countless times, and it’s no surprise. We all want to go to events with great food, and we all feel taken care of by the people who provide refreshments for us. Take care of your customers by sponsoring the food and beverage at a breakfast or lunch event. Your company will host a table close to the stage. Want to be even more prominent? You can add-on sponsorship of the speaker. (Sponsorship supports NATSO.)

Keynote Speaker(s)
$10,000, five available (TWO SOLD)
What is happening in retail? What is the future of fuel sales and what are the trucking trends? We’re planning five keynote speakers focused on providing the analysis that travel plazas need to understand trends that are disrupting the industry. Sponsor a keynote speaker, and you’ll get much more than logo placement. Your executive will be invited to join NATSO leaders at the head table, your company will host a table, AND you can display marketing materials on all luncheon tables.  (Sponsorship supports NATSO Foundation.)

Private Opening Night Party at Disney 
$10,000, six available (TWO SOLD)
Attach your brand to the big WOW event at NATSO Connect 2019. Ticketed attendees will be treated to a show-stopping event at Disney. There will be private access to rides, first-class entertainers and Disney-quality food and your company’s name will be attached it all. $10,000 sponsors will receive eight tickets for their staff, customers and potential customers. Come join the magic of a private Disney party. (Sponsorship supports NATSO.)

Welcome Party Refreshments
$10,000, two available (ONE SOLD)
Reward your fans and inspire new ones by branding the Welcome Party. Sunday night’s social event kicks off the fun at NATSO Connect with food and beverages on the show floor. NATSO will work with you to showcase your logo in creative ways—from ice sculptures to gobos to a touch of Disney magic, the options are nearly endless. (Sponsorship supports NATSO.)

Great Ideas! for Independents Operators Workshop
$10,000, two available
This is the prime opportunity to connect with independent operators. Designed exclusively to give independents a chance to share ideas and discuss common challenges, Great Ideas is a perennial favorite. Sponsors are the only people allowed to join independents and speakers in this session. Give this important community your support. (Sponsorship supports NATSO Foundation.)

Learning Labs
$10,000, three available
This year the NATSO U breakout sessions are dedicated to providing solutions to adapting to the trends highlighted in the keynotes. Add your brand to these three sessions dedicated to providing strategies to adapt, linking your name to your customer’s and potential customer’s success. (Sponsorship supports NATSO Foundation.)

Magic Band Slider Logo and Room Drop
$10,000, one available
Make an impression the minute truckstops arrive at Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club by branding everyone’s magic bands with a slider. A slider is like a charm that lays flush with the band. It can showcase your logo or your company name! Leave another impression at the end of the day with a room drop. Room drops could be a whitepaper, a giveaway or an important message about a new product. (Sponsorship supports NATSO.)

Welcome Lounge by Registration Desk
$10,000, one available
Be there as soon as attendees arrive by providing a welcome lounge next to the registration desk. In addition to prominent branding, your company will provide the light refreshments and welcoming atmosphere as folks arrive in Orlando. The welcome lounge will remain open throughout the show, providing a place for people to refresh all three days. (Sponsorship supports NATSO.)

Headshot Lounge
$10,000, one available
A headshot lounge is a dedicated space on the show floor for attendees to get their professional photo taken. Align your brand with professionalism. (Sponsorship supports NATSO.)

Copper Sponsorship Opportunities, $5,000

Hold a Focus Group
$5,000, $10,000 with food and beverage, two available
Imagine spending an hour with hand-selected truckstop industry leaders, all of whom are there to focus on your company. Ask the questions you need to know the answer to as you develop and/or market new products. Focus groups can foster a sense of partnership with potential brand ambassadors. This is a powerful way to build relationships in a small group setting and gain priceless customer insight. (Sponsorship supports NATSO.)

NATSO Connect App Splash Page
$5,000  (SOLD OUT)
Put your company first by branding the splash page in NATSO Connect’s app. When attendees open the app, your message will appear before they can view the schedule or the show floor. Your splash page message could highlight a show special or a new product. Link your company to the easy, modern app. (Sponsorship supports NATSO.)

Fun Space on the Show Floor
$5,000, four available
This is where the NATSO Connect magic happens! This year we are offering four smaller spaces on the show floor to build an experience surrounding the main stage. This is your space to build an experience that matches your brand.

Sponsor the NATSO Foundation Fundraiser

Foundation Fundraiser Fun Run
$10,000, six available (FOUR SOLD)
Pack your running shoes for NATSO Connect 2019! New this year, the NATSO Foundation is bringing a Fun Run to NATSO Connect 2019 as the yearly fundraiser. The NATSO Foundation Fun Run will be Monday, February 11 at 7:00 a.m. The NATSO Foundation’s Fun Run will be a community-building 5K run or walk that celebrates physical and mental well-being through exercise and provides a great opportunity to meet up with friends and supporters while also supporting the important work of the NATSO Foundation.

Six $10,000 sponsorships of the Fun Run are available. Sponsors will receive their logo on the race t-shirt, an opportunity to put their materials on the breakfast tables, and more! 

Of Note:
Out of respect for our sponsors and activities organized by NATSO, Inc., NATSO PAC and the NATSO Foundation, the NATSO Board of Directors promotes the following hospitality guidelines:
  • Excluding the exhibitor displays in the expo ballroom, private signs, sales, displays and distribution of sales literature in public areas are not allowed.
  • Hospitality suites and private entertaining may not conflict with scheduled business or social functions open to all registered meeting participants.
  • Companies hosting hospitality suites or private functions for groups 10 or more must inform NATSO of the planned event by December 1, 2018.
  • For groups of 10 or more, buses or other transportation cannot depart before 7:15 pm on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, Feb 11, 12 and 13.
  • NATSO reserves the right to require that companies move their entertainment time if there is a conflict with these guidelines.

If you have questions, please contact Pamela Hayes, or (615) 473-1429 or Megan Gage at or (703) 739-8504.